Eduzone | Plataforma de connectivitat intel·ligent | Eduzone
Plataforma/Solució de connectivitat intel·ligent que permet connectar en xarxa, usuaris, dispositius, contingut i black box de forma segura, eficaç i autònoma.
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The platform

Eduzone is a platform that handles and controls the network in a safe, reliable and fast way. It manages the Big Data and the bandwidth of your connection in an optimal manner.

Why eduzone?

eduzone manages internet access in an effective and safe manner.

A new technological paradigm focusing on the efficiency of connectivity, safety and artificial intelligence.

eduzone represents an evolution of conventional firewalls of traditional technology towards a smart connectivity solution that is autonomously managed.


The implantation of our solution entails economic saving on infrastructure and human resources in the management of connectivity.



Eduzone functions in the cloud. All specific connectivity needs are autonomously managed from the control panel.



The service includes the 24 x 365 assistance of our support team, which is composed of professionals with long experience in the ITC sector.

How it works


It creates and manages users without limits: persons, groups and roles.


Management of devices: Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers...


Filtering of more than 2 million domains and own contents.


Input and output management of the connections of the entity.

Our partners