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We connect your municipality WiFi4EU

Eduzone is one of the companies that have joined the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Up to €15,000 for connecting your municipality!

The WiFi4EU project

The WiFi4EU project is aimed at EU citizens and visitors and endeavours to place free Wi-Fi at your disposal in such public spaces as parks, squares, public buildings, libraries and health centres within the EU. Wi-Fi installation municipalities and companies may install the Wi-Fi access points using the EU bond.

The WiFi4EU programme offers bonds valued at 15,000 Euros so that municipalities can install Wi-Fi access points in such public spaces as libraries, museums, public parks and squares.

Municipalities may use the WiFi4EU bonds for the purchase and installation of Wi-Fi equipment (wireless access points) in whatever local life centres they choose. Each municipality will have to bear the network maintenance costs.  

Up to €15,000 for connecting your municipality!

Per què amb eduzone?

Eduzone is one of the companies that have joined the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), a funding instrument for promoting growth, employment and competiveness by means of investing in infrastructures at a European level.

The purpose of the call is that of providing free Wi-Fi connection by means of installing access points in public municipal facilities, libraries, health centres, etc. Eduzone handles the previous registration required for one to be able to request the bonds after the call and processes this request.


Deixa’ns les teves dades i ens posarem en contacte amb tu.

Com tramitar-ho?

How to do it

Municipalities may register at at any time by filling out a simple form.  In order to register, a municipality needs an EU Login account. From eduzone, we shall take care of all administrative management and necessary processes.

What are the selection criteria regarding the Municipalities?

Municipalities will be selected by the order in which they have submitted requests (NOT in order of registration). At least fifteen bonds will be granted per country in the first call. In the first call, the number of bonds given each country will not exceed 8% of the total bonds. Each bond is valued at €15,000.

How does eduzone help you?

Eduzone is in charge of the management of the whole process: From accompanying the municipality for requesting the WiFi4EU bond to fully covering the connectivity services.  

The WiFi4EU bonds will cover the costs of equipping and installing Wi-Fi access points that meet the requirements of the text of the call and of the grant agreement to be signed with the municipalities selected. The municipalities selected will have to bear the costs as regards connectivity (internet contract), maintenance and operation of the material for at least three years.

The municipality will likewise bear the costs linked to the tender procedure (including the drawing of the document of specifications), the establishment of the backhaul networks needed (for example, by means of expanding the network) and additional material that is not strictly linked to the Wi-Fi access points (recharging stations, street furniture, etc.).

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